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Elena B.


Elena, LMT, is highly passionate about health and wellness and founded her practice in part on helping people with acute or chronic medical conditions. Her carefully studied and practiced techniques have been shown to provide great relief and healing for a variety of the conditions that may plague and disrupt our daily lives.

Elena's motivation to became a holistic massage therapist began when she was a child where she witnessed the benefits that massage had on her mother who had epilepsy; massage was one of her main methods of preventing seizures.

To this day Elena continuously furthers her vast knowledge of massage techniques by participating in ongoing training and massage studies. It is this dedication that enables Geo Rejuvenation Massage the ability to provide the most help to as many people as possible.


Alessandra M.

Alessandra, LMT, has been passionate about massage therapy from a young age, working intuitively throughout her career. 

She trusts in bodywork as a main component to support a holistic state of wellbeing. She considers listening a key aspect in providing a customized session, and believes in holding the highest positive intention during each treatment. She specializes in Deep Tissue, Traditional Swedish, Thai, and Balinese Technique, Ashiatsu/ Barefoot Massage, Prenatal and Infant Massage, and Reflexology.

Alessandra is licensed in New York State, Florida and Hawaii, receiving her training from New York College of Health Professions, Bali International Spa Academy, and North Shore Ashiatsu and Massage. 


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Pamela B.


Pam started her journey 22 years ago in Canary Islands-Spain, a place that she considers a second home. After being physically assaulted, she became interested in self defense.  Her greatest influence is her Sensei Pedro Fleitas, who taught her healing the body and spirit was equally important as defending oneself.  Pam has continued to study with Sensei Fleitas for more than 16 years and has reached a level of Daishihan (15th degree black belt). 

It was during her studies with Sensei Fleitas she discovered her real passion for Holistic healing and recovery. After moving to Miami in 2013, Pam received her degree as a licensed massage therapist from Educating Hands. Since then she has traveled the world continuing to study new techniques to provide her clients with a more complete holistic recovery experience.

In 2021 Pam completed her Master's degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from AMC in Miami-Florida and now she is on the journey to passing the boards to obtain her Acupuncture license.

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