Elena B.


Elena, LMT, is highly passionate about health and wellness and founded her practice in part on helping people with acute or chronic medical conditions. Her carefully studied and practiced techniques have been shown to provide great relief and healing for a variety of the conditions that may plague and disrupt our daily lives.

Elena's motivation to became a holistic massage therapist began when she was a child where she witnessed the benefits that massage had on her mother who had epilepsy; massage was one of her main methods of preventing seizures.

To this day Elena continuously furthers her vast knowledge of massage techniques by participating in ongoing training and massage studies. It is this dedication that enables Geo Rejuvenation Massage the ability to provide the most help to as many people as possible.


Shannon L Zimmerman


Born in New Jersey and raised in a small Illinois town Shannon was always into athletics. Through sports she became fascinated by the body’s many functions and the mechanics behind them. This motivated her to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. While in college she participated as a personal trainer and was the head coordinator of a exercise and nutrition program that greatly helped cancer victims as well as their caregivers.


Upon graduating Shannon moved to Fort Myers where she was a physical therapy tech for nearly three years. In this function Shannon gained invaluable experience as she trained with and worked along side some great physical and massage therapists. As her knowledge of treating and preventing injuries grew she came to realized that she could effectively apply that knowledge to massage therapy. This led her to Bonita Springs School of Massage Therapy where it’s rigorous and effective training has allowed her to recognize her life long desire to help people heal, prevent injuries, and simply feel great.

"My goal is to help each person I encounter create a better quality of life through massage therapy."